Memory lane

Re-inventing your exit - UnderOATH

When things get tough and I don't think I can handle them, I run. Or atleast that is what I want to do, at the time. But inside all I wish is that I could solve things, be positive and not let things get to me. When I am upset, angry or frustrated, I turn to England. I think of the memories across the sea, the times I have had there. I listen to the music and it all brings me back to my "emo"-days as people would call them. When I had black and red, frizzy hair, and wore clothes nobody else would put on around here. I would go to school wearing black tights, a black skirt, pink vans, one red sock and one stripey multi-coloured sock, a black shirt and a pink tie; I even had a fake lip piercing. I would have my hair standing up, messy and big, and wear black eyeliner. I would listen to the opposite music that my friends liked and I would just go against the stream. I was inspired by the style that my mates had in England. I loved the way people dared to look different and were accepted and with that I found the strength and confidence to do so, all by myself, here. Either I got rejected and called names, or I would impress people. I had no intentions to do either, I just wanted to be myself. Since then, since I "changed back", I haven't had my own style. I wear what most people wear and follow the same trends, and still I am mediocre at it. Mediocre or not, I used to be me. Today I don't know who I am.

In a bit.

S, x

svar: den är snygg den :D


svar: tackar : ) tkr nog också dom, får se vad det blir!


Trots att jag inte är världsbäst på engelska så fortstod jag faktiskt mer eller mindre exakt vad du menade med texten. :p Och visst är det sant, och det känns inte som att man kan visa "who one truly are" i U-port. Det är så det fungerar här, tyvärr!

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