longing for foreign company


A few of those whom I miss dearly, and guess what I'm trying hard not to think about? That I can't afford going to Rugby for New Years. Dublin, London with English C and our graduation trip in June - BAM! All of my money's gone. I'm so poor right now despite me working, it's not even funny. I've payed for a few big things this month and nearly all my wages have gone. Thankfully it's the 30th in two days which means my student finance will be in.

Today's been good. Three lessons and the debate in English went well, Malin's ace at speaking. Came home and was in a good mood, changed into my running clothes and went for a 9km run with my sister. Lovely. Had an amazing shower and now we've cooked meat and chips with sallad. Homework will be done in a bit when I've got my bloodsugar level up again.


S, x
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